The difficulty is in transforming a deep, complex, and sometimes philosophical idea, into a simple story for children. Authors need to put a lot of effort and knowledge in adapting the story to the age group they are addressing. Children’s authors have a big responsibility, and I am aware of it all the time.


Fatima Sharafeddine

Writer for children and young adults

Over the last 15 years, Fatima has written and translated over 130 books working with a number of publishers (Kalimat, Al-Saqi, Asala, Turning Point, Yuki Press, Al-Shourouk, and Mijade).  Her works earned her several awards and honor listings, among which Etisalat Award for the best YA book of the year 2017 for “Cappuccino”, and the Bologna Ragazzi New Horizons Award for her book “Lisanak Hisanak”. Several of her books have been translated to various languages, among which are French, Italian, English, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, Danish, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Norwegian, and Swedish. She participates in various book fairs and conferences around the world focusing on children’s literature and offers group workshops in Creative Writing for children, as well as individual coaching sessions for aspiring authors.